When it comes to your business’ presence on search engines, the higher you rank, the easier it is for potential customers to find you. And with Google being home to 83% of the internet’s searches, moving your business’ website ranking up on Google Search is especially important for web visibility. 

Having more visibility on Google adds authenticity and credibility to your business. Searchers are more likely to interact with the first few search results as they might view them as the most credible or relevant results. Consumers also want things to be simple. They don’t want to spend time scrolling through pages of search results on Google, which is why the higher you rank on Google, the more traffic your website will generate. And more traffic means more revenue!

It’s no secret that ranking higher on Google is crucial for your business. But how can you move your business up on Google search?

Ranking higher on Google is all about playing the long game. It requires diligence and consistency in applying specific search ranking tactics. The good news is that if you are consistent with your search engine strategy, you’ll start to see actual results. And trust us when we say it’s worth it to put in the work to rank higher on Google.

So, if you want to move your business up on Google search, here are some things you should do.

Have a Strong SEO Strategy

First, ensure your business is optimized to rank higher in search engines with a fully optimized website. If you don’t know what SEO is, it’s worth learning more about how to accomplish this. What’s great about an SEO strategy is that it’s a highly inexpensive marketing tactic. 

Here are some ways that you can update your website to reflect good SEO:

  • Have a blog: A blog allows you to consistently update your website with new content – something Google’s algorithm likes. The more you update your website’s content, the higher you can rank in Google’s search results. Blogs are also an excellent opportunity to insert keywords. We’ll talk more about the importance of keywords in the next section.
  • Make your website accessible: The more accessible your website is, the higher you’ll rank. Having an accessible website allows searchers with disabilities to interact with the content on your website. Examples of accessibility could include closed captioning on videos or text-to-talk translation features. 
  • Add internal links: Build authority for your website with internal links. Link to relevant content, or even link back to your website’s blog.
  • Keywords! Keywords are one of the most effective ways to rank higher in Google. Your business can even own keywords on Google so that your website pops up whenever someone searches for one! So let’s talk about how your business can use keywords to rank higher.
Keywords, Keywords, Keywords!

Think about it: when a customer searches for something on a search engine, how are they searching for what they want to find? Keywords! So having a good keyword strategy is one of the best ways to move up in Google. 

An excellent place to start is keyword research. Identify opportunities to own specific keywords online. Also, look for any keyword gaps that the competition leaves open.

Use keywords in your blog, in the headings on your website – even in your URL! A good rule of thumb for keywords and SEO is that your content should match the keywords in your headers, URL or page title. Google evaluates pages to ensure that the content matches the keywords in those places, so choose and apply relevant keywords for each page. All these tips help you move up in the rankings.

And remember – this doesn’t happen overnight! It’s all about consistency.

Claim and Optimize Your Google Business Profile 

If you still need to claim your business with Google Business Profile Manager (formerly Google My Business), you’re missing out on a lot of search traffic. When searchers are looking for specific places, Google Business Listings will appear at the top of the page. So, it would be best to claim your business on Google Business Profile Manager and continuously update your business information.

Check out our free guide here to learn more about Google Business Profile listings.

Start Ranking Higher in Google Today!

If you need an extra hand getting these strategies up and running, and staying consistent with them, contact our team of search engine ranking experts at 10|20 Marketing! We can help you set up a Google Business listing here. Or contact us for a free consultation, and we can help you get started optimizing your website to rank higher in Google!