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2022 Marketing Trends for Small Businesses

2022 Marketing Trends for Small Businesses Small businesses are still getting their bearings as we’re adjusting to the new normal forced upon us by the COVID-19 pandemic. While the related supply-chain crisis has hit every sized business, small businesses suffered especially hard as priority goes to big box stores.  With 99.8 percent
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Google My Business – make that Google Business Profile Manager – Changes To Know For 2022

It seems like just yesterday that Google Business Profile Manager was called Google My Business. Earlier this fall, this change was made. And many others were made throughout the year to bolster Google’s most important local organic search product.  Heading into 2022, it’s essential for local business owners to ensure
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Lead Generation Mistakes That Prevent Your Campaigns From Being Successful

How do you prevent lead generation mistakes from turning your marketing campaigns into failures? First, it’s important to understand what you are trying to accomplish. Generating leads play a vital role in creating sales for your business. Leads are the potential customers who’ve expressed an interest in your business. These
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Zoho: Business Growth and Optimism For Canadian Business

Well, here’s something we can all celebrate! Recent research by Zoho highlights Canadian business growth in 2021 and optimism for 2022, as current investments in digital transformations are paving the way for Canadian companies to build successful hybrid work models.  The results of new research by Zoho Corporation are in
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Five Reasons Why Your New e-Commerce Website Is Having Trouble Attracting Traffic

Throughout the pandemic, many local businesses pivoted from in-store to online sales. Of course, this requires an e-commerce website, set up to allow customers to purchase directly from the website with little to no interaction with the business.  This year, the e-commerce industry is expected to generate $4.5 trillion in
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Three Reasons Why You Should Try An Email Marketing Campaign

Email marketing can feel like a big demand. After all, what are you supposed to write about regularly? Who will even want to get emails from you that often? How are you supposed to find the time to write regular emails?  Regardless of what may be holding you back, it’s
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