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Why 10-20 Marketing is a Tiny Bit Like Ted Lasso

Years ago, when we launched 10-20 Marketing, we were asked what 10-20 means. So why did we choose 10-20 Marketing as the name of our agency?  10-20 is CB radio speak for “location.” As in, “What’s your 10-20?” (At the time, we answered it in a blog post.) Our primary service
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Antoine Marchand of Uberall Breaks Down The Importance of Business Directories

We recently sat down with Antoine Marchand, our Customer Success rep at Uberall to chat about the importance of a digital presence for local businesses – including directory listings like Google My Business. Uberall provides many tools and services to support local businesses through their partners, helping to manage their
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Does Influencer Marketing Work for Local Businesses?

Marketing for small and local businesses can include anything from flyers to social media, or radio ads to email newsletters. But what about influencer marketing? Is this something reserved for big brands, or can local businesses actually profit from working with influencers too? Influencers are this generation’s version of a
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Five Easy Tips To Increase Foot Traffic to Your Local Business

Give your business a fighting chance to increase foot traffic with these five easy steps. Let us know if you have new ideas too!
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Four Unique Ideas To Market Your Local Business

Five years ago, if you had an Instagram account for your business, you were ahead of the game and likely generating leads and traffic with ease. These days, however, more and more companies are online, and it can be hard to break through the noise! So here are some unique
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Lessons For Independent Retailers On How To Increase Sales In Uncertain Times

During the pandemic and subsequent lockdowns, many local independent retailers pivoted and opened online shops. With the country mostly reopened, business owners have the opportunity to make sales both online and from their physical locations. And we believe there’s no reason to choose which one to make your focus of
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