Whether you’re a small, medium or large business, finding new ways to market your business will always be a critical piece of the puzzle. Getting innovative with your marketing tactics can help you attract new clients or customers and keep current ones extra engaged. One exciting strategy businesses use to market their business is event marketing – hosting a live event. Whether the event is in-person, virtual or a hybrid, a live event allows you to share your valuable knowledge with a large audience in a more in-depth and engaging setting.

What is Event Marketing?

Event marketing is a strategy that businesses use to promote their brand, products or services through real-time, live engagement. During these events, audiences can interact directly with event representatives.

The truth is that your business has made it as far as it has today because of your expert knowledge in your industry. Your customers turn to your business because they trust you have valuable knowledge and resources to help them. Putting on a live event allows you, as a business owner, to continue to showcase all that your business has to offer.

You could put on an event for a new product or service launch, for presentations with expert speakers from your business, to promote an exciting new business endeavour or for any other reason that brings a large number of potential clientele to hear you speak.

So, if you want to learn more about putting on a live event to market your business, we have the inside scoop on event marketing!

In the latest episode of A Little Marketing, a Podcast with Nikki and Mark, we chatted with Enzo Palermo of Tecnika, event technology specialist in Montreal, Quebec. Our discussion discussed event planning and things to consider for virtual and in-person events. Enzo shares valuable information on how you can launch a live event to market your business.

Event Marketing with Guest Expert Enzo Palermo

Enzo Palermo of Tecnika Productions discusses event marketing on our latest episode of A Little Marketing

So, what exactly is the purpose of putting on a live event? Well, Enzo says that it’s all about making connections, which is crucial for any business, “At the end of the day, we’re trying to connect people to people…We have a message to deliver. So, how do we deliver it?”

Live events. That’s how those connections are delivered.

But there are various formats of live events. Traditionally, these events have mostly been in-person, but in the wake of the pandemic, virtual and hybrid live events are becoming increasingly popular.

“It’s hard to replace face-to-face with virtual, but there’s a place for virtual, I think, for a long, long time. Think of the reach you can get with a virtual event,” Enzo says.

He also mentions that hybrid events are trendy now. Hybrid events allow attendees to attend virtually or in person – an excellent option for businesses with a wide geographic range of clients.

“If the pandemic taught us one thing…it’s that we need to try new things. The pandemic forced us to do that,” Enzo says about hybrid live events.

So which platforms to use for either hybrid or virtual events? Enzo says, “There’s no magic formula… but I sometimes find when you combine different platforms, you get the best results.” For example, he mentions that Zoom is the most popular platform in the industry for live events. Venus software and Zoom make a great combination, as it takes the production quality of the Zoom event to the next level – giving a higher experience for virtual event attendees.

Learn More About Event Marketing

The bottom line is that event marketing is innovative tool businesses have at their disposal for marketing and creating connections. Be sure to check out the episode of our podcast here to learn more. And remember to subscribe so that you get all the episodes!