Hello! Welcome to 10|20 Marketing. As you can see, we’re blogging. We love to write and publish content designed to help small businesses across Canada (and elsewhere!) learn how to become more effective with local SEO, location marketing and getting found online. We hope you come to love our blog, but also want you to know that a full website is being planned too. So while we will continue to write new posts for you to enjoy, comment on and share, we’re also building and writing the rest of this website for launch soon.

In the meanwhile, here are some highlights of what we can do for retailers, restaurants and professionals:

  • Claim all your location listings on key search engines, review sites and mapping technologies, ensuring that they are consistent from one network to another.
  • Take your menu and put it on the most important sites and apps across the web so that new customers are able to find your restaurant or price-list based business (spa, salons, pet grooming, gyms, etc…) quickly and easily.
  • Monitor customer reviews and access them all through one single point of contact.
  • Measure your customer ratings across networks.

If you’re interested in learning more about our services, please reach out and connect. You can simply complete the form in the right-hand margin of our site, or email us directly:

  • Jamie@10-twenty.com
  • Mark@10-twenty.com

We also encourage you to read through our posts to date. Click through from here:

We look forward to helping you market your small business and hope to hear from you soon.