So you’ve landed here because you’re looking for a definition of what 10-20 means. Simple. It’s CB (Citizen Band) radio lingo for “location.” Now that you have your answer, though, we hope you stick around. Because we’re actually a marketing agency, and you happen to have stumbled upon us just in time for our relaunch. 


We are 10|20 Marketing, and here’s our deal: Initially, we were primarily about location-based marketing (hence the 10-20). But over time, we’ve grown our offerings, breadth of expertise, and client base, with an evolved mission to ensure that each brand we work with is always positioned exactly where it needs to be: In the minds and hearts of all the right consumers.

Here’s a nice little itemized list of just a few of the things our team of marketing experts can do for you (in addition to, ahem, SEO services) –

Marketing strategy, paid advertising, lead conversion, social media, geofencing, infrastructure design, directory marketing, web design and development, graphics, and storytelling.

We then take all of this and weave it into an expertly crafted campaign that WORKS – because ultimately, at the heart of everything we do, is empathy. Everything feels authentic and true to who you are at your core, and your messaging resonates with all the right people.

Converting experiences into relationships is what we do best, and we’re driven by connection – both internally, and with our clients. We never want to lose sight of that human element.

So, who are we?

Mark Goren
President & Founder
Mark has 25+ years of experience in marketing, having started his career at agencies in Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. 

Virginie Gill
Content & Creative Director
With 15 years of digital expertise in her toolbox, Virginie is your go–to person when it comes to social media and web strategy. 

Philippe Tremblay
Content & Creative Director
Philippe Tremblay is a digital marketing specialist with 15 years of media agency experience, spanning multiple facets of digital marketing.

Yves Sauriol
Senior Graphic & Motion Designer
Yves is a seasoned motion and graphics vet with a keen eye for digital aesthetics and visual storytelling.

Bev Spritzer
Senior Copywriter
Bev has been writing professionally for more than 20 years, with the past 13 spent in marketing and advertising.  

Our combined talents and backgrounds allow us to tackle all of your digital marketing needs with a level of passion and expertise that transcends location – allowing your target audience to find you, wherever you are. 

So. Where do you want your brand to be? Let’s build your digital journey together. Contact us today for a free consult – we can’t wait to meet you!