It’s no secret that having a robust Google Business Profile is key to gaining more exposure for your business. There are plenty of ways you can optimize your Google Business Profile to make it as strong as possible. Making sure you have a properly optimized Google listing makes it easier for customers to find your business and gives you more credibility.

One way that you can strengthen your Google Business Profile is with reviews. 94% of consumers say that a positive review makes them more likely to choose a business. So building up a good collection of reviews on your Google Profile will significantly benefit your business.

But how can you get more Google business reviews?

Optimizing your Google Business Profile with more reviews can be challenging since you have to rely on others to leave reviews. So, to grow your collection of Google Business Profile reviews, you must turn to your customers.

Instead of waiting around and hoping your customers will leave great reviews on your page, you should be asking your customers to leave reviews. Your loyal and happy customers will likely be more than pleased to help your small business by leaving a review.

So, how can you ask your customers for reviews? Here are five ways to ask customers to leave a Google review on your Google Business Profile!

1. Verbally Ask

If you have a great rapport with your customers and want to get straight to the point, feel free to verbally ask for a review, whether in person or over the phone. A simple way to incorporate this question is after a great conversation with a customer when you’re confident that they are delighted with the service you provided them. Or, after a customer offers positive feedback during a conversation, you could encourage them to share their feedback in a review to help other customers. Make the request for a Google review natural and conversational.

2. Email/Text Request

Another way to request a review is via email or text message, which you can send out to your contact list, or a request sent after a customer completes a transaction with your business. Also, it’s important to note that text requests have a higher conversion – so consider sending the request via text.

3. QR Code

Link the option to review with a QR code! Doing so will make it simple for customers to leave a review. This QR code could be displayed at your onsite location or at a special event. Be sure to point it out to customers, so they know it’s there!

4. Link in Email Signature

If you want to ask for Google Business Profile reviews without asking, you can link the option to review in your email signature. Then, when you send out an email to your customers, they’ll get a subtle CTA to review your business. For example, your CTA to review could look something like this: “Have we helped you? Help others discover us by leaving a review on Google!”

Quick note! Make sure that you’re responding to customer reviews as well. Responding to reviews lets your customers know you appreciate their feedback and value their responses. It could also encourage more customers to leave reviews!

5. Review Management Software

If you want to avoid manually asking for reviews, you can automate review requests with review management software.

With review management software, you can automatically send review requests, whether it’s after a transaction, an in-person visit, or via a targeted campaign. Incorporating review management software into your Google Business Profile strategy also automates monitoring for new reviews, responding to and showcasing the best reviews on your website or social media.

Want to get started earning more reviews? 10|20 Marketing can provide you with review management software to make managing your entire Google Business Profile much simpler. Contact us today for a free consultation, and we’ll get you started with this helpful software!

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