Is your business taking advantage of local listings and the power of a platform like Uberall?

Having a proper local listings management strategy is a little thing that can go a very long way for local business owners. And the potential for such a strategy to make a significant impact is real.

Why? Because local listings sit at the core of a small business’s visibility and can genuinely be one of the most powerful marketing tools when used thoughtfully.

So what exactly is a local listing?

A local listing is a directory where your business can appear. Some of these platforms are well-known and popular, such as Google Business Profile (in other words, Google Maps and Search), Bing, Facebook and Apple Maps. Customers can easily access your business name, address, phone number, photos, social links and other important information when your listing appears in search results.

In a recent episode of A Little Marketing, we spoke with Local Listings expert Devin Thomas. Devin shared his insights into all things local listings, including Google Business Profile Manager (formerly Google My Business), and how innovative software tools can help small business owners efficiently manage their listings.

Our chat with Devin revealed how impactful local listing management is for small businesses. Here’s what he had to say:

Devin Thomas of Uberall discusses the importance of using a local listing management platform.  

The Importance of Local Listings Management

“More than half of searches, in general, are local,” says Devin. “This means that when someone is typing something into the search engine on Google or another search platform, they’re looking for something locally. So local listings are your key to ensuring that you appear in those searches.” Devin says your business visibility increases by 60% when registered with local listing directories.

Essentially, it’s all about consistency. “The more you’re there, it builds that psychological familiarity,” says Devin. “Customers trust consistency. You’re present on apps, maps, social media platforms, and many other online directories when you manage your local listings. So not only are you raising your business’ visibility by being present on these local listing platforms, you’re building up a consistent image for your customers.”

Another critical benefit of local listings: “It generates free and organic traffic to your website.”

Lastly, managing your local listings allows you to create an accurate brand image. If you’re not managing your local listing, your business might still be listed online on different directories but not with correct or accurate information. That’s why it’s crucial to verify your profile and manage your listing to control the narrative of how your business appears in searches.

So how can you manage your business’ local listings properly? Devin gives us an answer: Uberall.

Local Listings Management with Uberall

Uberall is a fantastic tool for local listing management. “There’s an importance of being visible across the board unilaterally; that’s where Uberall comes in,” says Devin, “[Uberall] makes sure that you’re present consistently.”

When you manage your local listings with Uberall, Uberall does the work for you. Have your business information changed, such as hours, address and other little details? Enter them into Uberall’s platform, and all changes get syndicated to all of the directories in your plan. That way, when a customer searches for you on 40-plus business directories, your hours are presented consistently across all of them. Because let’s be honest, there is nothing more frustrating than inaccurate business hours online!

Google Business Optimization

Getting the most out of your local listings is about building consistency across the board. If you want to get the most out of your local listings as a marketing tactic, the best thing you can do as a small business owner is to optimize your Google Business Listing. So why is Google Business optimization so important? “It’s important to stay engaged – an effortless but vital way to impact search rankings and build trust with Google positively,” says Devin.

So how can you do this? Devin says that constantly updating your profile on Google is critical. Add photos, update social links, create Google posts –  anything you can do to boost your engagement. Keep adding new content, and keep engaging with your customers via reviews. Your business’ visibility will thank you.

Local Listings Management Resources

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For more free information on local listing management and all that it can do for your small business, listen to our episode with Devin here on YouTube!