Did you know that you can generate more income from your local listings? Simply by having and managing a local listing, you can boost revenue!

Of course, having a local listing is excellent for overall exposure for your business, but you can also use this strategy to generate more income!

If you don’t already have local listings for your business, check out our step-by-step guide on how to get set up. If you already have local listings – such as a Google Business Profile Manager (formerly Google My Business) – our tips below will help you optimize your local listing to get the most out of your Google listing ROI.

Here are five ways that you use Google Business Profile Manager to generate sales:

1. Messages

Did you know that customers can get in touch with you via your Google Business Profile? Turn on the “Chat” button on your Google Business Profile Manager to allow customers to send messages to you. By using this feature, you can answer questions and tell your business story. Messaging attracts new customers to your business and gives your business more authenticity. In addition, messages allow for more engagement with customers, which can help boost traffic to your store.

For example, if a customer is wondering if your business offers a specific service, they might message you to inquire about that service. If you respond promptly and the customer is satisfied with the answer, they’re more likely to come in and visit your business – rather than do business with another company.

It’s vital that you answer all customer messages promptly. Not only will Google deactivate the message feature for your business if you don’t respond quickly, but customers can also see the average time your business responds to messages. In addition, reacting fast boosts trust and engagement between your business and the customer.

2. Pointy

Another effective local listing strategy to turn online browsers into in-store shoppers is Pointy from Google. Pointy from Google is a sales-boosting tool that retail store owners with a Google Business Profile listing can use.

Pointy connects your in-store inventory to your Google Business Profile so that customers can see what products you have in stock. It’s an efficient way to let customers know what you sell. For example, let’s say that you sell beauty products. If a local consumer is searching for a specific moisturizer in stock, Pointy can show them that your business carries that product – and that it’s available. This feature also keeps track of your live inventory, making things convenient for you and your customers.

3. Google Posts with Specific CTA

Another great way to increase income with your Google Business Profile Manager is via Google Posts. You can add a post to your Google Profile with a CTA. For example, this CTA could include phrases such as, Get Started, Sign up here, Visit us today, Call now, Subscribe, and others.

Add CTAs to a post about a new menu item, a post promoting your social media pages, or just an update with basic information encouraging customers to visit your business. Adding a CTA to your Google posts is a great way to generate leads – and hopefully more foot traffic to your business.

4. Website Traffic

With a Google Business Profile, cross-promotion is easy! Link your business’ website to your listing to encourage customers to visit your website. 56% of customer actions on a Google Business listing are website visits. More web traffic can result in more sales via your website and more brand awareness – which is always good for revenue.

5. Drive Foot Traffic

Last but certainly not least, you can use your local listing to drive more foot traffic into your business. Maintaining a listing with plenty of accurate and up-to-date information will attract more in-person traffic. And more in-person traffic means more revenue!

Optimize your Google Business Profile Listing to Increase Revenue!

Ready to take your Google Business Profile Manager to the next level and generate more income from your local listings? With local listings management, you can optimize your listings to attract more customers and complete more sales. And our team of digital marketing experts can help you get set up! Contact us today for a free local listing management consultation.