One of the most effective ways to bring in qualified leads is to promote your business online with digital marketing techniques.

In addition, with online promotion for your business, you have access to a bigger audience of consumers – many of whom are high-intent customers. And the best part about digital marketing is that it doesn’t have to break the bank! When done strategically, promoting your small business online doesn’t have to cost much.

Here are five low-cost marketing ideas that will bring your business to the next level:

1. Utilize a Listings Strategy

Local listings – such as using Google Business Profile Manager (formerly Google My Business) – allow customers to easily find your business via a search engine. When your company has a local listing, customers quickly access essential business information, such as products, services, business hours, addresses, phone numbers, reviews, photos, and more. This listing is critical for being discovered by new (and even existing) customers online.

Once you have your listing set up, you can further optimize it to increase visibility among customers. Check out our guide on how to optimize your Google Business Profile.

2. Review marketing

Reviews are so critical when it comes to your business’s online presence. 94% of consumers say that positive reviews make them more likely to use a local business. In addition, that same survey also found that 92% of customers are less likely to use a local business if they see many negative reviews.

So in terms of supporting your business’s online presence, review marketing is a strategy we strongly recommend. It’s a cost-effective way to boost your business’ credibility among online audiences. You can respond to customer reviews to tell them that you appreciate their feedback via your Google Business Profile. Doing so lets potential customers reading the reviews know that you value your customers’ opinions – something that will build trust in the customer-business relationship.

Another way to use reviews for digital marketing is to encourage customers to leave reviews. For example, provide your clients with a call-to-action link to your business profile so they can review the business. Consider sending the link on receipts or follow-up emails, or provide it via a QR code set up onsite.

3. Chatbot/Messaging

Another great and inexpensive way to promote your business online is via a chat box or messaging feature. There are two different ways you could go with this strategy. The first is utilizing the chat feature offered by Google Business Profile Manager. Their messaging options allow customers viewing your listing to reach out with any questions. It promotes engagement and is a great way to extend a direct CTA to potential customers.

Another way you could utilize a chat box is on your business’ website. On either platform, respond promptly to customers to promote trust and better customer engagement.

4. Social Media

If you’re not already using social media marketing as a part of your promotional strategy, it’s time to get on board. With 4.26 billion people using social media worldwide, you’re opening your business up to a massive audience of consumers.

Even locally, social media marketing often helps grow a loyal community of customers. It’s cost-effective and great for brand awareness. Use social media to promote new services or products, share promotional events, connect directly with customers, and so much more.

5. Landing Pages

Lastly, make sure your business has a high-quality landing page. When creating your landing page, use an SEO strategy to bring more traffic to your website. Incorporate strategic keywords, a user-friendly layout, easy-to-digest text, and other SEO-friendly techniques. It’s also a good idea to ensure that your landing page is mobile-friendly – as many people use their smartphones to browse online. Finally, make sure your landing page offers a CTA as well!

Low-Cost Digital Marketing Made Simple

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