Don’t underestimate the power of TikTok marketing!

Regarding social media, TikTok has one of the biggest influences on its users. The impact that TikTok has on culture is so significant that 43% of TikTok users try something new or go someplace new after seeing it at least once on the app. Brands are certainly taking advantage of this impact too. With 1 billion active monthly users, brands use the app to access a massive pool of consumers.

TikTok marketing is an excellent way for businesses – both big and small – to promote brand awareness. In addition, the platform’s massive impact on users can benefit brands that engage with their audience.

But despite TikTok’s colossal impact now, it’s still a relatively new platform for marketing. As a result, not all businesses are familiar with the app and its use for engagement and growth. That’s why we’re here to help. This guide will take you through all things TikTok marketing so that you can succeed at engaging your audience and growing your brand!

What is TikTok Marketing?

If you’re not already familiar with TikTok, it’s a rapidly growing app where users can create 15-second to three-minute videos. These videos either feature original sound, a trending TikTok sound made by another user, or music. According to their algorithm, these videos appear on other users’ For You Page (FYP). Users can choose to follow creators they enjoy engaging with while still enjoying videos by creators they don’t follow via the FYP.

But the app is not just for creators. TikTok is rapidly growing, with marketers looking to promote their brands to a rapidly growing audience. Brands are hopping on TikTok to promote themselves through organic content or paid TikTok advertising. In addition, brands are creating videos to engage with audiences and boost brand awareness.

A Little Marketing, Episode 14: Growing Your Business with TikTok with Guest Expert Steph Goldman

Watch our TikTok episode where Nikki Gillingham and I discuss TikTok Marketing with guest expert Stephanie Goldman. Known on TikTok as @KimmyToyz, Stephanie has 1 million followers and regularly gets over 1 million views on her videos.

How to Succeed on TikTok as a Brand

Curious about how to get in on the action? Here are five tips to help you grow and engage your TikTok audience for brand growth.

1. Finding your voice on TikTok is all about trial and error.

Finding your brand’s voice on TikTok is all about trial and error. You may not get it right in the first 5, 10, 20, or even 100 videos. Instead, it’s all about seeing what type of content connects with audiences. Once you find a groove that works for your business, you’ll be able to engage your audience and see more growth continuously.

TikTok expert Steph Goldman speaks about how she found her voice as a TikTok creator and business owner on A Little Marketing, our podcast. She believes finding your voice on TikTok is all about trial and error.

2. Use the analytics available to you

In our podcast with special guest Steph Goldman, we also discuss how she was able to find out what style of video was performing best among audiences. The answer? Analytics. Analytics is a valuable tool available to marketers and creators on TikTok. And because trends are constantly changing on TikTok, it’s essential to monitor these analytics regularly.

3. Make your contact info accessible

Put your contact info – such as your email – in your TikTok bio. That way, when you start to see growth on TikTok, your audience will be able to engage further with your business.

4. Use popular songs/sounds

Pay attention to what’s trending on TikTok. According to research conducted by TikTok, 68% of users say they remember the brand better when it uses a popular TikTok song. In addition, 58% say they feel a stronger connection to the brand and are more likely to talk about it. And 62% of TikTok users say that popular TikTok songs make them curious to learn about the brand.

5. Embrace your brand’s authenticity

If trends aren’t performing well for your business, don’t be afraid to embrace your brand’s authenticity. 56% of users feel closer to brands that embrace the medium of authenticity on TikTok.

Want to Learn More about How to Grow Your Brand on TikTok?

For more information on this topic, our podcast, A Little Marketing, has an informative episode on how to grow your business with TikTok. You can check it out here! And be sure to subscribe to the podcast to stay up to date on all things marketing for small businesses!