To bring more local traffic to your business, Google Maps is a powerful tool. Local customers use Google Maps to search for a specific kind of business. For example, a customer might search “coffee shop near me” or “hardware store near me.” So if you can get your business to show up on a local Google Maps search, you will see a lot more in-person traffic.

Now you may wonder, “how do I get my business name on Google Maps?” Let us help you! Here’s a step-by-step guide for getting your business name on Google Maps.

Add Your Business to Google Business Profile Manager

The first step to getting your business name on Google Maps is to make sure you claim your business location on Google Business Profile Manager, formerly Google My Business. If you haven’t already added or claimed your business with Google Business Profile Manager/My Business, you’ll need to do so. Fortunately, it’s a simple process with only a few steps.

Before starting, note that your business may already exist in Google’s business directory – you have to claim it. Locations that are newer or have recently changed locations will have to add their business to the directory manually.

Here are the steps for adding your business to Google Business Profile Manager (formerly Google My Business):

  • First, go to Google Business Profile.
  • Click on “Manage Now” in the top right corner.
  • Search your business name and address in the search box. If your business shows up, click on it. If not, manually add your business name.
  • Next, fill out the necessary business information that Google asks of you.
  • Select a “Category” that describes your business. This part is vital because it’s how Google will categorize your business for customer searches. So choose the category that’s most accurate from Google’s preset categories. (Later on, you’ll be able to add up to five more categories.)
  • Verify your business. Usually, Google will send you a postcard with a verification PIN. Though occasionally, companies have the option to receive a text or automated phone call with a PIN, which is much more convenient, so if you have the chance – do it.

Along with selecting the most relevant category, verifying your business is one of the most critical steps. Verification confirms the authenticity of your business information – making customers twice as likely to trust it.

Optimize Your Listing to Rank Better in Google Map Searches

Once you’ve verified your business, it’s time to start optimizing, which will help your business name show up better on Google Maps. Your business name will appear on Google Maps once you have a profile, but the more you optimize your listing, the more accurate it will be and the more it will show up for customers.

One of the best ways to optimize Google Maps is to add subcategories. Go to your profile and click on the info tab to add subcategories, fill out business hours and add other important information.

For more information on how to set up your Google Business Profile and further optimize it to rank better on Google Maps and Google search, check out this blog post!

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