Retailers of every size can benefit from using Pointy. Pointy is a feature from Google that showcases your in-store products directly on Google’s search engine. Find out how this feature can help your business and your customers, as well as how to set up Pointy.

What is Pointy from Google?

Pointy from Google is a great way to turn online searchers into in-store shoppers. This feature connects products your business has available in-store to your Google My Business Listing. When someone searches your location via Google, the products you’ve added with Pointy will appear next to your listing to let customers know that you have this product in stock.

In addition to showing live inventory, Pointy, in collaboration with Google My Business, also gives customers info on stock status, opening hours, contact details, and store location. It’s convenient for your customers and helps drive traffic for your business!

Benefits of Pointy 

With Pointy, it’s easier than ever to connect with local customers. Here are six ways that Pointy from Google can benefit your business:

  1. Attract customers to your store

    The number one benefit of Pointy is that it will bring in more customers! The following three benefits are perfect examples of how Pointy helps do this. 

  2. Increase your store’s visibility

    Using Pointy for your business helps you rank better in Google search results. And when you also have your products visible, customers can get a better idea of what you sell in-store, increasing the likelihood that they’ll visit your store. With 64% of consumers buying products they need in-store, it’s an excellent way to target that significant majority of in-person shoppers. 

  3. Target the high-intent searchers

    Some leads are more valuable than others. And when it comes to searchers online, the most vital leads are those with a high intent to buy. Your products will likely be shown to people searching “[product name] near me.” Those searchers are more likely to go out and purchase the product, meaning that you’re creating the most valuable leads with Pointy.

  4. Showcase your inventory to customers

    Pointy makes it easy to show customers what you carry in your store. And according to a Google survey, 72% of shoppers say they’re more likely to shop at stores that show them if a product is in stock. So it’s beneficial for your business’ traffic, and it’s more convenient for customers. And customers love convenience – which means they’re more likely to develop loyalty to your business in the process!

  5. Optimize your online presence

    Pointy makes it easy for you to create a credible online presence. While Google My Business is excellent for helping your business rank better and increasing credibility among customers, used hand in hand with Pointy, your online presence is incredible. 

  6. Get better insights

    With Pointy’s retailer dashboard, you can see how many of your products appear on Google and how many people found your products. You can also see how they found the product, your business’ top-performing products, and how well ads perform. This information allows you to evaluate and optimize your Pointy listings to help your marketing strategy reach its full potential. 

Boost Your Sales with Pointy

It’s clear from the above benefits that Pointy helps increase your business’ online website and generate high-impact leads to bring in more foot traffic. And when you have more foot traffic – you have more sales! So, this solution is a great way to increase sales for your business – not just now but in the long run. So, to positively impact sales, consider adding Pointy to your business’ Google marketing strategy. 

Get Started with Pointy from Google Today!

You’re not alone if you think Pointy from Google may be the right solution for your retail business. Retailers everywhere are choosing to incorporate Pointy into their digital marketing strategy. It’s efficient, easy to use, and super beneficial for bringing in foot traffic and increasing sales!