Social proof is a powerful digital marketing tool you can use to attract and convert shoppers. Social influence can hugely impact our everyday lives, so why would it be any different online? Think of it this way – when you’re trying to decide which outfit you should wear to someone’s wedding, you’ll likely turn to a friend, family member, or partner for suggestions or reassurance. The same goes for when we’re searching for something online.

If someone is visiting a new town and looking for somewhere to eat or searching for good plumbing service in their area, they’ll likely look to others for an answer. While this could be the people in their everyday life, an even better source of social confirmation can be the internet. Social proof, such as Google reviews for a business, could make or break a decision for a consumer.

If you want to attract more consumers to your business, it’s crucial that you have a good wall of social proof. 

What does it mean to get social proof for your business?

Getting social proof for your business creates a positive reputation for your business online. Social proof can come from online reviews, internet influencer suggestions or user-generated content that supports a business. 

These forms of social proof are essential “word of mouth” suggestions via the internet. Having positive social proof can significantly benefit your business.

How does “social proof” help build conversions?

So how exactly does this social proof help convert shoppers? Well, just as someone would likely consider the suggestions from their peers about what colour to wear to the wedding, they’ll also consider the opinions of others when choosing where to do business.

If your business has no social proof, there is nothing to convince consumers that they should choose your company over another. A good review from a customer could make all the difference in converting someone to your business. As humans, we are social creatures and often need validation or reassurance from others to convince us that we’re making the right decision. We usually trust what others have to say, and we consider their social suggestions. So when it comes to choosing a business online, most people will look for that social reassurance from other customers that they’re making the right decision.

Building this wall of social proof will help assure potential customers that they are making the right decision. 

Getting Social Proof for your business

One of the most effective ways to get a solid wall of social proof is to have positive online reviews from your customers. For example, 98% of customers read reviews for local businesses. So if you don’t have a wall of online reviews, you could miss out on many potential customers. 

And the best way to get online reviews is via your Google My Business Listing. If you don’t already have a Google My Business listing, check out our step-by-step guide on how to set one up here

Once you have a business listing on Google, you can start creating social proof with your customers. To generate more online reviews among customers, staying up to date with your Google My Business listing is essential. Please keep track of your Google reviews, and be sure to respond to all of them. Responding to online reviews makes your customers feel appreciated and lets people know that you pay attention. In addition, if you thank each customer that leaves a review, you’ll likely start receiving more.

A great way to generate new online reviews with Google My Business is by providing customers with a link to leave a Google Review. You can send a follow-up email to customers after they visit you. You can also have the link on your website or social media pages so that customers that visit you online and love your business can quickly leave a review!

Check out this blog for a more in-depth look at creating a word-of-mouth effect with Google Reviews. 

Creating the Wall of Social Proof

Now that you have all these online reviews, how should you use them? Start by taking screen captures of your positive reviews and save the images in a folder. Doing so will give you content to share online. You can then create posts for social media – think Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, TikTok. You get the idea. 

Sharing visuals of these online reviews are an easy way to spread positive news about your business, moving them from one network to another. Doing so increases exposure and builds momentum for the positivity generated about your business. It’s a win-win situation for you, potential customers and your business! 

Need help creating getting online reviews?

Social proof is an excellent (and inexpensive) way to promote your business online. Though we understand that when running a small business, it may be difficult to keep up with promoting your online reviews That’s why we’re here if you need us!

10|20 Marketing is a dedicated team of experienced digital marketing specialists. We’re experts in digital marketing for both small and big businesses! And we can help you build a strong wall of social proof so that you can convert more customers. 

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