10|20 Marketing, in collaboration with Blue Whale Communications in Kelowna, BC, is excited to introduce our new podcast, which we’re calling “A Little Marketing. Small Moves with Big Impact.”

The podcast, hosted by Nikki Gillingham from Blue Whale Communications and Mark Goren at 10|20 Marketing, is designed to provide a little extra marketing support to small businesses. Our passion is using our marketing expertise to make a big difference for small businesses, and that’s what we aim to do with this podcast.

Our Concept For A Little Marketing Is Simple

In each episode, Nikki and Mark introduce simple topics that will help small business owners significantly impact their local market. From tips and tricks to current industry trends, it aims to give marketing insight to small business owners. Because, after all, a little marketing can go a long way!

In our first episode, we discuss Instagram. Instagram has recently made many updates to its app and algorithm. This episode looks at what those changes mean for small business owners.

Episode 1: Instagram Algorithm

Earlier this spring, Instagram reintroduced the chronological feed. When the app was reasonably new, Instagram displayed its feed chronologically. So each time you refreshed the app, you’d first see the most recent posts from people you follow. As the app grew and more users joined, Instagram introduced an algorithm that predicted which content a user might want to see. In addition, the algorithm began introducing users to content they weren’t following. Doing so is similar to other social media algorithms, like Facebook and Twitter.

Recently though, Instagram has reintroduced the option for a chronological feed. They’ve also introduced a “Favorites” feature that allows users to see their favourite accounts. So how does this impact businesses?

In a recent poll by Nikki, she found that only two of her followers who answered used the new chronological/favourites feature. While that may come as a big surprise, it should also be a relief. Instagram is continuously adding updates to its app, but this doesn’t mean how people use it will change overnight. When an update like this comes, you don’t have to worry about changing your business’ social media strategy to work with the app’s update. Like always, however, putting out engaging content will be much more important than rushing to keep up with Instagram’s constant algorithm changes.

For a deeper dive into this topic, be sure to listen to our first episode here.

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