If your business doesn’t already have a marketing dashboard, you’re missing out on critical insights that will help grow your business. A dashboard is a tool that gives insights into how your product, campaign or business is performing. Understanding how a marketing dashboard works and why having one is so important will help you strengthen your business’ performance and success.  

Understanding Marketing Dashboards

A dashboard is a visual representation of essential data crucial to your marketing strategy. The graphical reporting tool gives real-time insight into various marketing analytics, data points and metrics. In addition, the dashboard displays these insights in a quick and easy-to-read manner—so you no longer have to worry about shuffling through confusing and time-consuming spreadsheets.

You can choose how often you want to run reports with a marketing dashboard. You have complete control with a marketing dashboard, whether you want hourly, daily, weekly or monthly reports.

Dashboards allow you to set up so that you only see the metrics you need to see. The dashboard will give an easy-to-understand visual representation of compiled data and trends via charts or graphs. 

Metrics tracked in a marketing dashboard may include:

  • Overall traffic 
  • Website visits
  • Leads and conversion rates
  • Return on marketing investments
  • Purchase funnels
  • KPIs
  • Goal Completion Rates
  • Social media metrics
  • And so many more

Benefits of Marketing Dashboards

The benefits of having a marketing dashboard go beyond just having an easy way to read data and metrics. Here are five critical reasons you need a dashboard to grow your business. 

  1. Sales and Revenue Forecasting

    A dashboard gives better insight into your customer’s buying patterns. This insight allows you to plan and predict goals with consumer data accurately. You can also measure your sales goals in real-time, and with this essential data, you can adjust any sales or marketing strategies as needed.

  2. Save Time

    The real-time data that a dashboard offers will save you precious time. You’ll no longer have to spend valuable time compiling data into different spreadsheets because you’ll now have a centralized platform. With a marketing dashboard, you can access relevant data in record time.

  3. More Control Over Inventory

    A marketing dashboard makes inventory management simpler, as it allows you to gauge your stock levels in real-time. You’ll understand what’s selling and how to allocate resources where they’re needed. 

  4. Real-time Customer Information

    Increase customer satisfaction, customer retention and loyalty with a dashboard. Through the power of analytics, you can better learn about customer purchasing behaviours and patterns. Doing so allows you to focus on specific marketing demographics. 

  5. Actionable Insights

    With a marketing dashboard, you can better monitor and measure business performance. With easy-to-monitor data, you can act on the data in real-time to improve your website, product, campaign, advertising campaigns, and more. Taking immediate action on your data will allow you to get ahead of the curve and grow your business faster. 

How to Get a Marketing Dashboard

A dashboard can help your business and team save time and money in just a matter of minutes. One of the most popular and easy-to-use marketing dashboards available is Google Data Studio. Google Data Studio is an easy-to-use platform with valuable marketing insights.

With so many valuable benefits, getting Google Data Studio—or any dashboard—for your business should be a no-brainer! So how do you set up a marketing dashboard? We can help!

10|20 Marketing provides clients with easy to view insights—via Google Data Studio. Our professional and experienced team of digital marketers helps businesses get accurate marketing results—and a marketing dashboard is just one of the many ways we can do that.

Contact us for a free consultation if you’re ready to grow your business. We work with big and small businesses to strategize digital marketing campaigns and techniques that will bring significant results. Contact us today to set up a marketing dashboard and take your business to the next level.