And just like that, it’s been five years for 10|20 Marketing. Five years of helping clients optimize their local presence. Five years of generating leads for B2B and B2C companies. Five years of growth – and fun.

While the last two years have been spent operating throughout the pandemic, we’ve watched our clients’ resilience and fight – which inspired us to play our part to help them through it

What started as an agency focussed on helping local businesses optimize their local presence has grown into a company that helps with more strategy and services – all at below market value rates. 

Specialists and Services

How have we grown? In two ways mostly. 

First, as we gained trust among our clients, we started getting requests to help them in other areas. Domains such as paid media management, social media marketing and website design and development are among them. So we went out to look for senior specialists who know their area of expertise like the back of their hands. People who also understand how to work with clients properly. So our team is made up of responsive experts our clients trust with projects, budgets and driving results. 

Five years later, we’re proud to say that these specialists are now a regular part of our service offering. 

Second, what started as a relationship with SweetIQ (now Uberall) has turned into multiple partnerships and agreements with other software providers. The idea? Use our agency’s buying power to deliver services our clients wouldn’t otherwise be able to access on their own. 

We’re still with Uberall for local listing management, but rather than offer just ten directories in our base package, we now include 40. And we offer that at not a penny more.

In addition, our recent agreement with Review Robin – check out our launch offers – gives business owners the opportunity to get more positive reviews for their Google listing, Facebook page or other review platforms. And we can also help clients show off their ratings with a fantastic little widget for their website – for just $19 a month. 

And we’re also now exploring low-cost ways to offer copywriting for content, including blog posts, business articles, guides, case studies, white papers, or maybe even e-books. We ask for a brief, and we’ll take it from there. 

A Personal Thought

The year ahead looks like an exciting one. And we’re equally excited about the next five too. If we outline our goals moving forward, what would they be? Actually, it’s quite simple. We’re always looking to build partnerships and grow our network. Which means that 10|20 Marketing is committed to:

  • Bringing in new high-value, low-cost software services to benefit our clients;
  • Growing our network of specialists to continue offering senior expertise across new disciplines;
  • Building stronger relationships with our clients as we continue to deliver leads to their physical and online locations. 

On a personal level, I remember someone once telling me that you won’t know what your business is until it’s at least five years old. And I remember thinking that was wise advice. But now that we’ve reached this milestone, I can honestly say that I’m happy with where our business has landed. But I’m also happy to know it’ll evolve some more. Being defined is good. But being open to that definition changing is probably wiser. 

So how about we just take it five years at a time?