Almost every big company has an email list for their email marketing, but what about small businesses? Many small businesses are beginning to discover the benefits of email marketing and have started gathering an email list. Should your small business do this?

What is an Email List?

What comprises an email list? An email is the email addresses of people, visitors or customers that would like to receive information, updates, discounts, or other information from your business via email. As a result of signing up for your list, the people on the list will receive your small business’ promotional and marketing material.

Building an email list is essential to email marketing. There are a few ways you can make this list. For example, you could allow customers to opt-in for emails when purchasing something from your small business. You could also put a call-to-action to subscribe to emails on your website by offering an exclusive discount. Another way to build your list is to advertise a promotion or special offer to those who sign up. Whichever way you make your email list, it can help your small business’ marketing strategy succeed.

The Benefits of an Email List

Email lists can have a surprisingly positive effect on conversion and revenue. It’s an effective form of marketing and a great way to build relationships with customers. We’ve got all the details on why building an email list is essential for your 2022 small business email marketing strategy.

It’s Personal

One of the most significant benefits of email is that it allows you to develop a personal relationship with your customer. When owning and operating a small business, relationships are so meaningful. The relationship you have with your customers has the power to shape your entire business. Therefore, it’s so vital for you to nurture this relationship. An email list is a perfect way to do this.

By creating an email list, you can focus on building that critical relationship with your customers. For example, consider using your customer’s first name in the subject line or sending out a special email promotion for your customer’s birthdays. Doing small, personalized things like this will make your customer feel important. To your customers, being on the email list is like being in your small business’ exclusive inner circle. Take advantage of this and make your customers feel special with the emails you send.

Cost-Effective Marketing

Email marketing is a highly affordable way to market your business. Chances are, most of your customers use email. Therefore, reaching your customers via email is an easy and inexpensive way to impress your customers.

Because email is such a low-cost form of marketing, there’s a high potential for a high return of investment (ROI). Because of this potential for high ROI, your business doesn’t have anything to lose by building an email list. It’s cost-effective and simple!

Email Lists are Targeted

With an email list, you have a way better chance of reaching your intended customer. The recipients of your small business’ emails will most likely be quality leads because the people on your list have either purchased from your company or shown interest in purchasing from your business. Because this email list is your target customer, there’s a good chance for high conversion rates and repeat business.

Need Help Building Your Email List?

There’s no doubt that building an email list can be beneficial to your small business, but where should you start? We can help.

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