It seems like just yesterday that Google Business Profile Manager was called Google My Business. Earlier this fall, this change was made. And many others were made throughout the year to bolster Google’s most important local organic search product. 

Heading into 2022, it’s essential for local business owners to ensure that they know what Google is up to. And as Google Business Profile Manager matures even further, keeping an eye on these new developments can truly be the difference between having success in your neighbourhood or not. Because keeping your profile information up to date based on their latest iterations will make it easier for potential customers to find you.

No need to worry, we’ve put together a list of the main updates for you. And for more detail, go download this guide!

Hours and Service Availability

You may have noticed that Google has added the “Available Online” attribute. This shows customers which businesses offer online appointments or estimates. Presenting your customers with this option is frequently more convenient for them. And more likely to earn you a booking. Adding this attribute is smart, particularly if your potential customer happens to live on the other side of town and you can save them a trip.

Another new update includes the ability to a different set of business hours. For example if you’re open “by appointment only” on Saturdays, letting your customers know is another great way to get in more clients and grow your business!

Reviews Updates

We all know how important social proof is to attaining new clients. Google Business Profile Manager has always been a great way to showcase your positive reviews. Now, they’ve made it even easier for you by making star ratings visible on the search results page.

They’ve also added a ‘NEW’ label next to new reviews, so potential customers can see recent experiences with your business.

Finally, Google has added the option to have a review removed from your profile. While we don’t recommend removing negative reviews, there are cases where you may find yourself needing this option (for example, if you receive a fake review or someone reviews your business by mistake).

Messaging Updates

Log into your desktop or the Google Business Profile Manager mobile app and easily communicate with potential customers. Answer questions quickly and have a real-time conversation with your customers. We see our clients doing this already. It’s a surefire way to build trust and motivate customers to visit your business.

Google My Business Insights

Google Business Profile Manager updated its analytics in January of this year, adding a breakdown of where visitors saw your listing (search or maps), whether on desktop or mobile, and then later in 2021 they added insights into the number of clicks on directions, bookings, and to your website.

At 10|20 Marketing, we take this a step further, plugging directly into the Google API to grab metrics in a more organized way. By pulling metrics monthly, we get precise insights on a business’s performance, understanding view and click counts. We then trend these metrics to see month over month and year over year trending, something Google doesn’t do on their own. 

Updates for the Hospitality Vertical

The hospitality industry has added new attributes as well, including smoke-free options, and kids stay free. Another big update for hotels is free hotel listings. Once in the form of paid ads, booking links share availability and pricing information and are now free for all hotel accounts.

Updates for the Healthcare Vertical

Healthcare organizations can now manage insurance information directly from the platform. Google first added the accepted health insurance attribute in 2020, managed through a third-party provider. This update allows Healthcare Providers to update their Accepted Health Insurance information directly in Google My Business.

Updates for the Food Industry

Restauranteurs, rejoice! You can now update online ordering options for takeout and delivery directly through Google Business Profile Manager. Run out of a certain menu item? No problem – you can quickly remove it through Google Business Profile Manager now.

It’s important to note, not all updates will apply to your business. Many are dependent on the primary category your business falls under. If you’re struggling to keep your Google My Business listing up to date, or you have questions about marketing your local business, book a free consultation call! We’re always happy to help.