Email marketing can feel like a big demand. After all, what are you supposed to write about regularly? Who will even want to get emails from you that often? How are you supposed to find the time to write regular emails? 

Regardless of what may be holding you back, it’s time to let go and move forward. Email marketing is a crucial part of any local business’s marketing strategy, and if you haven’t already started building your list, now is the time to do so.

We’ve put together three reasons why, and five ways to get started today.

Three Reasons Why You Should Try An Email Marketing Campaign
1. Platforms Come and Go

Social Media moves in waves. Remember just a few months ago when Clubhouse was the latest and greatest? When’s the last time you heard anyone say they were going live in Clubhouse?

MySpace, MSN Messenger, Vine – even Google tried their hand at creating a social media platform for individuals that wasn’t successful long-term. Social media platforms come and go. And, believe it or not, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn will also disappear or greatly adapt. If those platforms remove key features you rely on, it’s farewell!

When a contact gives you their email address, however, it’s yours to keep. And emails certainly aren’t going away anytime soon.

2. Speak Directly to Warm Leads

If someone is giving you their email address, they’re telling you they are interested in what you have to offer – and that it’s OK for you to email them. Email is permission based, and it’s a much bigger ask than getting someone to follow you on Instagram or like your Facebook Page. So once you have their permission to communicate with them, make sure you do!

Plus, email software services give you the opportunity to personalize each email you send, allowing you to land in their inbox and speak directly to people, instead of speaking generally on social media. 

3. Higher ROI (Return on Investment)

It’s no surprise then, that if email marketing allows you to speak directly to people, warm leads that they are, it has a higher return on investment than avenues like social media.

In fact, according to Direct Marketing Association, the average ROI of email marketing is a whopping 4300%!

Those numbers aren’t a fluke. ExactTarget’s stats show for every dollar spent on email marketing, businesses earn $44.25. With this kind of ROI, it’s really a no brainer.

Five Ways to Start Building Your List For Email Marketing 
1. Opt-In Forms

Put an opt-in or sign-up form on every page of your website.

2. Put links to your newsletter everywhere

Share your newsletter sign-up link everywhere. Use your email signature, social media platforms, and the bottom of your newsletter, so anyone who is forwarded your newsletter has the opportunity to sign up, too.

3. Create a downloadable freebie

Create a PDF your audience can download for free (or rather, in exchange for their email address) that teaches them something or guides them through a process. If you’re a retail clothing store, this can be a guide to styling new fall fashion items. If you’re a bake shop, it could be a recipe they can bake at home. Share the link to your freebie on your website and/or your social media platforms.

4. Create a survey or quiz

A survey or quiz is a fun way to get your audience engaged, share valuable information, and collect their email address at the same time. Link the survey or quiz on your website and/or your social media platforms.

5. Offer a coupon or discount code to your shop

If you sell products or services (whether via an e-commerce store or a brick and mortar shop), you can offer a discount code in exchange for an email address. Often this appears as a pop-up when you visit a website.

Email marketing is an excellent way to speak to people who have given you permission to do so. And, don’t worry, if they don’t want to hear from you, they can simply unsubscribe. The key is to find the sweet spot of delivering value to their inbox. If your audience appreciates your emails, they’ll engage more, helping you increase sales. 

Need help with your email campaigns? Sign up for a free consultation and let us know where you want to improve and we’ll see how we can help!