Shop Local Next Month. And The Month After That Too. 

As so many of you know, October is Small Business Month. It’s a month designed to bring awareness and attention to hardworking business people and entrepreneurs who make our economy go. It’s also a great month to shop local.

The focus is generally on local businesses at our agency – the retailers, restaurants, clinics, and companies where you regularly do business. Essentially, the people you know and support in your neighbourhood. 

Over the last year and a half, some have thrived, but many have struggled to find their footing. As a result, perhaps some of your favourite local businesses may even have closed shop. When they do, you miss them and maybe even wish you did more to support them. 

The good news is that you can. Shop local starting today. 

We strongly believe in shopping local and supporting the business owners who are closest in proximity to you. Perhaps they’re people who live right next door to you!

Think about these questions:

  • Who owns your favourite restaurant? The place where you can pick up a quick and easy dinner on the way home from work.
  • Who runs the dry cleaners you use?
  • Do you have a local mechanic who you trust with your car?
  • Where do you shop for your mom when it’s her birthday? Is there a boutique clothing store she likes?
  • What about your dentist? It just might be someone who lives a few blocks over. 

Of course, not all of these examples may apply to you, but you get the idea. Supporting these hardworking business people feels good. 

Think about the feeling you get when you go into any one of these establishments. Do you get a warm hello? Does someone onsite ask you about your family? Do you get greeted with a silly story or funny joke? Has the person become someone meaningful to you?

It Just Feels Good To Shop Local 

You may answer yes to some of the above questions, no to others. But think about the feeling you have when you leave, when the business owner or staff makes you feel like family. 

Well, sometimes your family needs help. With competition from Amazon and other big-box retailers who have taken their product catalogues online, local businesses need your support more than ever. So shop local and support those in your neighbourhood who need it most. 

Doing Our Part, Too

These aren’t just empty words from us. When the pandemic started, we wanted to do our part too. We’ve done so by launching our Owner Stories series – interviews with entrepreneurs that we post on our website and share on social media to drive awareness for our participants. The series supports our clients, sure, but not only them. It’s open to virtually anyone looking for a positive story about their business to share. Participation doesn’t come with any obligation. We’re happy to help build positive buzz for the small business community. And encourage others to shop local too. 

We also offer free consultations, as we’re happy to hop on a video conference and offer advice to small business owners. Again, with no obligation. 

Supporting local businesses does good. It helps your local economy, supports your neighbours and neighbourhood, and brings focus to people who work their tails off for their families and futures. And if you owned a shop or a corner store, wouldn’t it feel great if your neighbours thought to shop local to support you?