If you’re checking your Google Analytics and wondering why your monthly website traffic seems to have stalled, this article is for you. We’re big fans of creating content and making regular, valuable updates to your website, but that’s not going to be enough to get new eyes on it.

Follow these creative tips for driving more traffic to your website:

1. Write Guest Posts

Building backlinks – links on other websites that direct back to your website – are an important part of what’s called off-page SEO. (Off-page SEO includes everything you can do to increase your Google rankings that take place off of your website.) A great way to earn more backlinks is to write guest blogs, but pay attention to the sites you’re pitching to. Google favours backlinks on sites with two things: 1) relevance to your own site and 2) site authority.

2. Create a Content Strategy

Adding new copy to your website prompts search engine crawlers to scan your site for information and rank it in the search results. It also gives visitors a reason to keep coming back to your site. The best way to consistently have new information is with a solid content strategy. Begin writing a blog either weekly, biweekly, or even monthly. Whatever schedule you can consistently stick to.

3. Stay Active on Social Media

Use social media to promote your content. Consistently sharing content and value on social media platforms will help build your authority, develop a relationship with your audience, and build trust. The approaches are all necessary before a potential customer takes the next step and visits your website. The more you stick with your social media strategy, the more your website traffic will build.

4. Create Videos

You no longer need a high-tech, expensive production studio and editing team to create quality video content. Many business owners are creating fun, informative videos using just their cell phones. Video content is highly engaging and performs well on social media platforms, but also helps your search rankings when embedded on your website.

5. Invest in SEO

The top three search results on Google receive more than 75% of all website clicks. If you’re serious about increasing your website traffic, spending a bit of money on a great SEO strategy is the way to go. If you’re interested in learning more about how SEO can help you generate more website traffic, send us a message and we can book a free call to discuss how we can support you.

6. Invest in Influencer Marketing

If you work with the right influencer, taking this approach can increase traffic to your website almost overnight. Influencers will share your product, service, or story with their followers. If the influencer’s audience happens to also be your target audience, this recommendation from them can quickly drive traffic to your site. It’s important to choose the right person, with the right following.

7. Review Your Website Copy

Are you sharing the right information on your website? Are you answering the questions your potential clients would be asking? When your website provides the kind of information your audience is looking for, it increases the amount of time they spend on it. This decreases your bounce rate and helps increase Google’s ranking of your website. Creating an FAQ section that you regularly add questions and answers can also help in this regard.

8. Start Sending Emails

If you’re not already, start sending out regular emails ASAP. There are a few reasons you want to make email an important part of your content strategy. First, because you own your email list, which is more powerful than trying to connect to your followers on social media. Second, email marketing has a relatively high conversion rate, so if used properly (AKA you’re including calls to action in each one) it’s a great way to build relationships and increase website traffic. At 10|20 Marketing, we use Convertkit for all of our email marketing.

Have you tried and had success with any of these strategies? We’d love to hear from you and share your story as a case study. Send us a message with your experience! Of course, if you have questions or are struggling to implement, we’re here for you, too. Book your free consultation and let’s chat about how to best drive traffic to your website.