Years ago, when we launched 10-20 Marketing, we were asked what 10-20 means. So why did we choose 10-20 Marketing as the name of our agency? 

10-20 is CB radio speak for “location.” As in, “What’s your 10-20?” (At the time, we answered it in a blog post.) Our primary service then, and still now, is local listings management, a strategy to help location-based businesses build awareness and drive leads via directory marketing – and foot traffic to a specific location. 

It’s a service that’s proven and works. And it’s all focused on your business location. Everything fit together well. 

Pivoting along with our clients

Then the pandemic hit. Retailers were locked down. Suddenly, for those who weren’t among the essential service providers, their specific retail location was no longer the most relevant source of income. As a result, many of our clients pivoted to create an income stream via the web. 

At the time, we felt a great responsibility to help our clients weather the storm. We also felt a great responsibility to support local businesses in general. So we pivoted as well.

We launched our “Owner Stories” series, which put the spotlight on business owners and allowed them to point to themselves with pride. We brought in experts who could help our clients build awareness online. And, rather than only specializing in driving foot traffic, we looked at different ways to drive qualified web traffic to their e-commerce and general websites. Getting leads and closing them online became our top priority because survival was our clients’ top priority. 

Google Ads and paid social media were one way. Managing our clients’ presence on social media was another. Ensuring they became set up to measure the success of our campaigns was vital too. We walked our clients through these processes, took the load off their shoulders and kept our promise to provide low-cost solutions. It was not time to take advantage of business owners who were worried about survival. 

So why is our name a little bit like Ted Lasso?

So here we are almost two years later. And some people may think that our name is still all about location, location, location even though today we promise to drive traffic to your website too. So why does our name, 10-20 Marketing, remain so meaningful to us?

Because, in the same way our clients showed an ability to change, we accepted that the meaning behind our name has too. At first, 10|20 Marketing was about a physical location. And it still is, but it’s also about more. 

It’s more about a mindset. 

Rebecca: Oh, do you believe in ghosts, Ted?
Ted: I do. But more importantly, I believe they need to believe in themselves.

It’s about where our clients are on their journey to success. It’s about what’s in their heads and what’s in their hearts. Whether that’s a physical location. A website. Social Media. It’s also about the buyer and where they are on their journey. 

10-20 Marketing is about believing in your success. About helping you get there, no matter where you are. 

As the chant in the show goes, our clients and their customers are Here! There! Every-fucking-where! 

And we couldn’t be happier to help them along their way.