Hey hey! We’re back with a new batch of links tailormade for small business owners who have a location-based business and/or e-commerce websites who are looking to make a splash in local search or drive conversions to their website. 

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Are Coworking Spaces Against the Google My Business Guidelines?

This story was of particular interest to us as we rent out of a Coworking space. Like so many other small business owners, the benefits of working out of such an office are too good to pass up. If you’ve been wondering if you can claim your space within a Coworking space, the answer is in this article. Essentially, if you’re going to claim your listing, it’s best to have a fixed, permanent suite inside the Coworking space. And it’s even better if you have some images to prove it.

By the way, read our Owner Story to learn more about the people who run Metspace, 10|20 Marketing’s home base. 

Do Google My Business Identity Attributes Impact Ranking?

We wrote about Google’s attributes and their importance a little while back. We’d encourage you to go back and read that for a refresher. If you click through to our Link of Interest, though, you’ll see what experts think the impact of adding attributes is. In short, the answer is, “Yes, quite possibly.” A lot has to do with the attribute selected and the search volume in your local area. Read the research done by Sterling & Sky to gain a great understanding. 

Google Has Quietly Become a Key Player in Takeout Dining

Run a restaurant and trying to get through your local government restrictions to survive? Ensuring your restaurant sets up online ordering is vital. In this article, you’ll see just how great an impact Google has quietly had in this space. Their efforts are not without controversy, but with Google so crucial for local business, you may have no choice but to take advantage. 

E-Commerce Has Been A Lifeline For Small Businesses During The Pandemic. Where Do They Go From Here?

Many of our clients started to focus on Shopify and other e-commerce platforms when the pandemic hit. Of course they did after lockdowns completely depleted their on-site traffic. With the pivot to online sales, some of our clients started to see that their local business now had a wider reach. How did they take advantage? What’s next now that restrictions are loosening? This article has a good look at these questions. 

Why your business should run Pay-Per-Click (PPC) ads – and how to get them right

Built a website and nobody is coming? Have an e-commerce site and need to convert more sales? Running a pay-per-click advertising campaign can be a solution, but only if done correctly. The key is to track your campaigns to understand what is working and what is leading to conversions. Online ads are something we specialize in, helping clients big and small meet their goals. We encourage you to read this article and let us know if you think a PPC campaign is something you’re ready to launch. 

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