The Importance of Online Reviews

For small business owners, a great, cost effective way to understand how people appreciate your establishment is to monitor customer reviews. These reviews are honest, sometimes brutal, assessments of how people feel about doing business with you and your staff. Whether positive or negative, they give you a great opportunity to learn about what is working and what isn’t inside your business. More importantly, though, they drive perceptions about your locations to potential customers who are just waiting to make a decision on where to shop, eat or benefit from services like the ones you offer.

The more reviews you have, the greater the SEO benefit. The higher your ratings, the more likely that customers will choose you. When customers have a positive experience and help create buzz, your reputation grows. In fact, 90% of respondents who read online reviews claimed that positive online reviews influenced buying decisions. As a result, a lack of reviews – and a lack of positive reviews – for your business can lead to lost customers.

With the volume of “near me” searches only growing, it’s important to be optimized – and understand what online local business listings mean for your business.

Review Management

What are your customers saying about you? Where are they saying it? Are these conversations impacting your brand? How can you measure this impact? We let you know what customers are saying about your business across 200+ third party sites, then use this rich information to engage directly with your customers and solve problems before they become problems.

Review Marketing

Your customers are your marketing engine. Consider that an increase in rating by 1 star can boost revenue by 5-9% (HBS Working Paper, 2016). So you should be leveraging your reviews to their full potential. Our platform lets you auto-share your customer reviews to your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and our network of 50+ sites and 140 million users, turning the reviews of your best customers into marketing material for potential customers to see and consume.

Review Generation

Engage with customers in real-time and automate the review collection process by sending your customers a review request either during or after a service or purchase. Decide how soon after a transaction to send requests, and how often to send them. We automate the process to send out review requests in several ways:

  • Email
  • Text message via deep linking app
  • Mobile kiosks
  • And more!

Choose the method that best fits your business, and customize your messages to keep your brand identity consistent. Receive real-time alerts whenever customers review your business so you can respond immediately.

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