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Generate More Traffic to Your Website and Location.
This client did and sales skyrocketed.

Learn how an independent retailer leaned on 10|20 Marketing to grow awareness of their location and website to drive sales. Ask for our free case study and you’ll see how our client achieve their sales goals – and then some!

Just look at the results we helped them achieve:

  • Google Ads helped them make over $10 for every $1 spent on advertising
  • Targeting people who abandoned their cart generated $15 for every $1 spent on remarketing
  • When we took over boosting their Facebook posts, their return on ad spend went from 550% to 1,140%!
  • And, on Google My Business, we helped them get 400% more website visits, 275% more calls and 316% more walk-in traffic.

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Drive Traffic To Your Business

Whether you own a car dealership, health clinic, restaurant, dry cleaners, sports facility, or any other small business, we offer solutions to help you drive traffic to your location or website.

Directory Management

Making sure shoppers can discover you is the most important step in any marketing program. We’ll make sure you’re present on the networks that account for over 80% of all searches in Canada, including the ever important Google My Business.


We'll help you target your ideal customers at competitors and other key locations to help you reach people you know will want your products or services.

Digital Advertising

Our experts will help drive traffic to your website, walk-ins to your location and conversions on your website, all while measuring every aspect of your campaign so it can improve over time.

Shopping Conversions

Once you get people to your site, it’s important that they finish what they started. Using different techniques, we’ll ensure that your site stays top of mind so visitors come back and complete their purchase, fill in your form or book an appointment.