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Consider a geofencing campaign to target the exact people you want as customers.

Congrats on taking the first steps towards increasing traffic to your business! Geofencing campaigns are ideal for businesses looking to generate foot traffic and increase on-site sales.

How so? By targeting your ideal customers at competitors and other key locations that are close to your business, you can reach people you know will spend money with you. All they need is to learn that you’re there for them!

Geofencing is more effective than print, radio or TV advertising because geofencing is highly measurable – you’ll know your ROI and your campaign will pay for itself over the long run. Business owners can benefit from building a custom audience and advertise their positioning, an offer or products directly to this audience, allowing you to be focussed and target your desired audience with pinpoint accuracy, without wasting your budget.

You set your budget, so even the owners of the smallest businesses can get started easily.

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