Local Business Owner Spotlight, Joel Goldenberg, Business Owner, Premier Ostomy Centre, Montreal, Quebec

Joel Goldenberg believes in the power of putting his customers first. We’ve known Joel Goldenberg and his father Nat for about 20 years, getting to know them through our community sports [...]


Local Business Owner Spotlight, Jamie Goren, Commercial Asset Leasing Consultant, Affiliated Financial Services, Montreal, Quebec

When it comes to leasing, Jamie sees both sides of the coin Nepotism comes to the Local Business Owner Spotlight series and we won’t apologize for it! Jamie Goren is not only my brother, [...]


Small Business Owners: Use This Pandemic To Build Your Online Foundation

Calling all small business owners, particularly those with retail locations. Our world has changed significantly over the last two months. With lockdowns in place, people have been stuck at home [...]


Local Business Owner Spotlight, Michael Schacter, KAUFMAN LLP/s.e.n.c.r.l., Montreal, Quebec

Michael Schacter works at a boutique law firm – and has advice for businesses of all sizes Next up in our series, we welcome Michael Schacter to our platform. We met Michael last year after [...]