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If you’re a small business owner, online searches affect your business every day. Whether people are searching for something you sell or are just looking for your location, ensuring that you’re found is an essential first step towards converting searchers into paying customers.

That’s why listings are the foundation of any local marketing plan.

What is a listing? A local business listing is an online profile that contains your business name, address, phone number, hours of operation, written descriptions of your business, and other important details. And when you claim – or own – your listing on search engines, social networks, or review sites, more people who are looking for what you offer in the area where you operate will find your business, making it easier for them to call you, get directions to your business, click through to your website or share details about your location with others.

So who can benefit from an online business listing on networks such as Google, Facebook, Yelp, Yahoo, and Bing? Just about anyone:


Doctor and dentist offices, surgeons and specialists, accountants and lawyers, mortgage brokers and real estate agents, financial advisors and insurance agents. If you fall into any one of these professions, claiming your online listing and ensuring that it is consistent across networks could be a key to growing your business. Plus, with the ability to monitor online reviews, you’ll be able to stay on top of your clients’ opinions of your practice as well.

In addition to our core offer, we can also add networks specific to your industry to your plan. Contact us for details.


Ensuring that your business is claimed on search engines and review sites is one thing, allowing you to manage your menu across the web is quite another. Put your menus, prices, specials, and more in diners’ hands when and where they’re searching. Our platform, which is unique within the Canadian market, helps you turn every word on your menu into an indexable search term that can help your restaurant be found. And with an easy-to-use menu editor at your disposal, you’ll have options to add calories, diet-conscious markers, heat level, and itemized price changes to your online menus.

Add review monitoring and access to analytics for insights into how guests discuss and rate your restaurant, and to learn how they find your location.


Search engines, review sites, social networks, and mapping technologies are all vital to your success as a business. The common thread for each is that you’re laying the groundwork to be found online, allowing customers to call your location or drive to it, and visit your website for more information or share it with a friend. What matters most, though, is that they discover accurate, complete, and convincing information across the board. With our service, we’ll automate the process of getting your location listed, push accurate information to each network, and make it easy to change any detail when necessary.

On top of claiming your listings, you can add keyword analytics and review monitoring to your plan to generate insights for your marketing strategy and stay on top of your customers.

Spa and Salon Owners

To help your clients find their look, the first thing you need to do is help them find you. Because when it comes to search, they also have many options. There are different search engines and review sites for them to discover your business and your price list. And if they don’t discover yours, they’ll find your competitor down the street. So it’s important to put your business details – your address, phone number, business hours, a detailed description, and your price list – on the top sites and apps that people turn to when deciding on which spa or salon to visit. This includes big players like Google, Yelp, Facebook, and Foursquare, as well as more regional and beauty-specific sites and apps.

We’re also able to help you listen to your customers on review sites and social networks, and deliver custom keyword analytics based on your location. Contact us for details.

Service Area Businesses

If you offer services without a fixed address, you can still benefit from claiming your listings. Plumbers, electricians, landscapers, general contractors, mobile tire change trucks, and mechanics, this solution is for you too. After all, anything you do to get your phone to ring will help you drive to more business. Listing your business as a Service Area Business (SAB) will allow you to get pertinent details about your business presented online, without your home address available to the world. Ask us about how we can help get you listed consistently across a special set of networks, including Brownbook, HotFrog and ShowMeLocal.

Car Dealerships

To make a sale, it’s imperative that intenders find your location, trust the information available online about your business, book appointments, and find their way to your location without trouble. Using directories and optimizing for Google My Business can help with all of the above.

Maximize your presence on Google, Facebook, Apple Maps, Waze, and several other directories to drive shoppers to your showroom. Ask us how we can help.


If you have a price list of any kind, we can help you too. Own a pet grooming service? Are you a mechanic with a garage? A health services business? A gym? Dance studio? Cleaning service? Either way, we can help you easily and consistently get listed, push your price list across key search engines, social networks, and review sites to increase calls, help drive clicks to maps, and convert website visits. The bottom line? You’ll be found and your business will benefit.

We’re also able to help you listen to your customers on review sites and social networks, and deliver custom keyword analytics based on your location. Contact us for details.